How You Value Your Education Determines the Outcome… Choose Wisely

When you make ongoing continuous education a priority in your life, in your business, and for your staff, you are making a choice to control your future.

This is true in every business… not just ours.

The best hairdressers in the world share a common desire to be the best at their craft as both artist and business owners. They are the game changers.

They don’t sit back and allow their businesses and clientele dwindle crying out “why me”. They forge forward, pay attention to trends, learn new techniques, successfully brand and market their businesses, and press the envelope.

They’re the ones making swatches in the dispensary to see what they can create new.

They’re the ones with clients that will trust their expert advice and take their suggestion in regards to what will be the best possible and maintainable look for them. Then they deliver without fail.

They’re the ones excited to cape the first client of the day and every appointment that falls after with enthusiasm and vigor. They’re bold, brilliant, and confident.

They’re the ones mentoring to their staff as a motivator and teacher rather than a competitor and taker of joy.

They’re the ones that have made a name for themselves and stay connected with a rock-solid and dynamic marketing campaign that is current and consistently updated because people want to hear what they have to say.

They know that with every new season comes a new opportunity to create a brand new lineup of service offerings that keeps them relevant in the industry while bolstering revenue for the salon.

The business doesn’t become stale to them, they won’t allow it

They work hard, have fun, and change lives because they’ve answered the call to be a responsible leader.

They know it’s not easy. They know it takes drive. They live in reality, not perceived reality, real reality, and they respect it.

It’s because they choose and don’t let someone choose for them.

They choose to never stop learning, to never stop trying.

They are the lifeblood of our industry that will forever be strong and vibrant.

Long live education and the hairdressers and business owners that have answered the call. Our industry is strong because of you. Keep doing what you do.

You deserve every drop of our respect.