Stop Late Clients

When clients’ run late to their appointments, guess what? Your whole day gets jacked. One person 10-15 minutes late or more can, and usually does create a bad situation for everyone else on your book that day.

What about the ones that run late all the time? It’s disrespectful, rude, and the worst part: it can cost you money if the clients’ that fall after them have to wait.

How? Because it can turn their great experience into a terrible one and sometimes to the point where they stop coming back… UGGGHHHHHhhhhh!

Why? It makes their day run late, you have to rush, and then, instead of spending what should have been a terrific time with the rest of your ON TIME clients, that time gets replaced with stress and you having to apologize repeatedly because your day is an on FIRE HOT MESS.

Look, if you have an 8:00am flight and you get to the gate at 8:20am, what happens? The plane is gone y’all… you missed it. They’re not waiting on you. They are not going to make 300 other passengers wait because you were late. The same should be true with your chair, your room, your table…whatever space you occupy. You are a professional and you work on appointment, period.

Make a rule 1,2,3 strikes you’re out or whatever works best for you. You can’t make everyone happy, you can’t. BUT, you also can’t allow the late clients to run the show. Be bold, stand up for yourself, plain and simple; it’s business.

Creating and fostering an amazing guest experience has to be the top priority since our industry is 100% fueled by clients. Less clients = less $$. Take care of the great ones and trim the fat where you need to on the others. Plan on having awesome days and maximizing your revenues.
You can absolutely do this.