Coffee and Highlights: Open Up Your Service Menu for Increased Revenue

When Starbucks started getting into McDonald’s pocket and impacting revenues in the coffee category, McDonald’s made a decision to focus on the opportunity and create McCafé. Many of the same type specialty coffee creations Starbucks offers are today are available on the McDonald’s McCafé menu and passed through thousands of drive-thru windows and served in-restaurant throughout the US to caffeine lovers everywhere, all day, every day.

The lesson here is opportunity. McDonald’s adjusted when they found their company in a situation where they could offer their guest something they knew they would pay for, and they capitalized on it.

You have the opportunity do the same with your service menu.
Let’s take Blonding and Highlighting Services for example.
I always ask my classes,

“How many different ways can you highlight hair?”

The response is always the same…….TONS!

So, here’s the question: what’s on your Blonding and Highlighting service menu?

This is what I typically see:

• Partial Highlights…Price
• Full Highlights…Price

That is not enough.

Here’s the opportunity:

What about the high maintenance blondes (like me) that need to have a regular base break?

Base break? What’s that?

As a Salon Professional, you know what it is: An amazing opportunity to have a client like me come in every 3-4 weeks to maintain my color. Coupled with the fact I have natural curl, I also need a glaze, treatment, and retail. That’s consistent money money money.

What about Balayage, Ombré, Sombré, Flamboyage, Tortoiseshell, Bronding… etc.. ?

Do you offer those services?

If yes… is it on your service menu?

Don’t stop there; what are some of the other professional specialty services you offer?
Are those on your service menu?

Clients are looking for the specialty services you offer just like McDonald’s customers were looking for specialty coffee. So, put it out there and let your existing and potential new clients know what’s available to them.

Start with your Blonding and Highlighting services then move on to the next category. Be specific and descriptive in your menu copy, and paint the experience for the guest and potential new client.

If you’re doing it right, GOOD. If you’re not, start, you’ll see results.

And never ever never ever neglect to price your services accordingly.
Specialty services come at a price. Price it right.
Believe in yourself. Believe in your Artistry. Believe in your Talent. You’re the professional.

You’ve got this.