So God Made a Hairdresser

So God Made a Hairdresser
by Heather R. Smith

And on the 8th day, God looked down upon his creation and said, I need a person with the hands of an artist and the heart of an angel that will openly and willingly share their gifts and give of their time to others so that they will feel their most beautiful self. So God made a Hairdresser.

He chose meticulously because He knew the task and responsibility would be gifted to mothers, single mothers, dads, partners, men and women that would agree, without question, to work tirelessly, sacrifice time with their loved ones, work mostly standing for long hours and weekends with aching feet, hands, backs, joints and wrists, and create their own daily motivation as the task required is both physical and mental. Every day, All Day. So God made a Hairdresser.

God said, I need a person that will rise early, miss breakfast, open the salon, create the inventory order, stock the retail, maintain their own clients, miss lunch, clean the salon, motivate the staff, motivate themselves, miss dinner, be Human Resource, pay all the bills, motivate their staff again, deal with every possible issue that arises, motivate themselves again, always and forever seek to grow, and stay educated on a regular basis with unwavering passion, drive, and dedication. Then, get up the next day and do it all over again. So God made a Hairdresser.

He said, I need someone to dig deep and Make It Work with their talent and gifts to; correct disastrous hair color, smooth a little girl’s tight messy curl so her peers won’t tease her at school, and fit cancer patients with wigs so they can feel pretty and normal again. So God made a Hairdresser.

God said, I need someone willing to share their lives with strangers that become clients, and clients that become friends up until the day they pass, and then make them beautiful on their final day of rest. So God made a Hairdresser He needed someone, that would, at the end of a day, that isn’t a 9-5, look back at the gifts they’ve been given, and feel satisfaction and joy for all they created with their hands and heart looking onward to the next with an eagerness to create more, give more, and share more the next day.

So God made a Hairdresser.