Coffee and Highlights: Open Up Your Service Menu for Increased Revenue

When Starbucks started getting into McDonald’s pocket and impacting revenues in the coffee category, McDonald’s made a decision to focus on the opportunity and create McCafé. Many of the same type specialty coffee creations Starbucks offers are today are available on the McDonald’s McCafé menu and passed through thousands of drive-thru windows and served in-restaurant … Read more

Haters Gonna’ Hate

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET A NEGATIVE POST R – Research the poster. Who are they? What happened? E – Exhale…breathe in….repeat. It’s not the end of the world! P – Post a reply that addresses their complaint. L – Let them know you’ll correct the situation. Y – Yell Hallelujah when it’s all … Read more

October Promotion

GUESS THE CLOSEST PUMPKIN WEIGHT TO WIN! Start this October 1st – Pick the winner on October 31st HOW TO SET IT UP: Create a prize basket: retail, services, gift certificate etc Grab a great big pumpkin, weigh it. Set up a cute display in the salon with the prize and pumpkin. Make a sign … Read more

Grow Sales This Fall

GROW YOUR COLOR, RETAIL, & MAKEUP SALES FALL 2015 COLOR TRENDS Here they are! From cosmetics to accessories, clothing to home décor, and everything in between; this season’s color palette is super trendy and in high demand. Here’s where you come in as the expert: Your clients’ will be wearing these colors so be ready … Read more